Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Tough Decisions.

Here are a few items I need/want.... I'm having a very tough time trying to decide.

Leather or Glitter?

Both from and both £45.99

Zara or Office?

Zara boot on the left €149 & Office on the right €100

Cons or Vans?

Both Schuh, cons €55 & vans €49

Oasis or Zara?

On the left is Oasis at €110 & on the right is Zara at €125

Aran or Mango?

On the left is an Aran Sweater at €57 & on the right is Mango at €63

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

In Love with October

Okay, so its pretty obvious from the title I love October, one of reasons has to be the wonderful array of colours, such as brown, gold, burnt orange and copper. Also, it is the perfect month for being able to wear woolly knits without having to hide them underneath a huge coat. Finally, my other reason I love October so much is because my birthday is the end of this month and as a birthday present to myself, I am treating myself to a new outfit to celebrate the occasion....any excuse to go shopping.

Taking inspiration from October I put together this outfit. I was so excited when I found this jacket on sale in River Island last week and I just had to post an outfit using it.

Blazer & Pants: River Island
Top: Thrifted
Boots: New Look (sale)
Jewellery: Topshop

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Safety Pins

A while back I noticed in a magazine this really cool t-shirt with a cross made out of safety pins. I Googled this and stumbled upon Pelayo Diaz and apparently he created some of his own safety pin t-shirts in the last few years and started a craze. These t-shits really fit in with the Gothic/Grunge trend we are seeing a lot of this season.

So taking inspiration from Pelayo, I decided to try create my own. I purchased a T-shirt from Penney’s for a mere €13 and a large box of safety pins…And this is the result.

As soon as I can I will put together an outfit using this t-shirt and I will post it on my blog. Here are a few more images of items of clothing decorated with safety pins. If I have time and a bit of patience, I might try and recreate one of these.

Even the celebs are going a bit safety pin crazy. Here Lady Gaga steps out in Milan in the iconic Versace safety pin dress that catapulted Liz Hurley to fame in 1994. Unfortunately for Gaga I think Liz wore it better. Anyone with me on this?

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Newbridge Style Icons Museum

Last Wednesay I went on a college trip to the Newbridge Style Icons Museum. I personally think this is well worth a visit if you have any interest in past style icons, vintage clothing or even a bit of history. It was a very surreal experience to think such famous people wore these magnificent creations. Below I have posted some of the garments I got to see.


                        Green wool suit worn by Tippi Hedren in the 1963 film The Birds.

           Princess Diana's final wedding dress toile, this is an exact rendition of the real
                                                             gown later made with silk.

                                        Princess Grace Kelly in a Helen Rose Ballgown

As everyone knows by now Dallas has return to our T.V screens, so I was super excited when I saw that this was Lucy Ewing's wedding suit and matching shoes. The wedding suit as worn by Charlene Titon as Lucy Ewing when she married Mitch Cooper played by Liegh McCloskey (1985). This was Dallas's second highest rated episode, just behind the famous 'Who Shot J.R episode'. 

                                                   Audrey Hepburn

I was especially delighted when I found out there was a huge display dedicated to Audrey Hepburn as she is most definitely in my eyes one of the world's top fashion icons. I love all of the outfits she wore in the 60's and this is the type of style that i hope will inspire some of my looks. These are some pictures of her outfits. Hope these will give everyone some style inspiration.

A knee length coat by Givenchy both made for and worn by Audrey Hepburn as Regine 'Reggie' Lampert in the 1963 Universal film Charade.

A hot pink cocktail dress worn by Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly in Breakfast At Tiffany's (1961)

Yellow floral  dress worn in funny face (1957)