Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Tough Decisions.

Here are a few items I need/want.... I'm having a very tough time trying to decide.

Leather or Glitter?

Both from and both £45.99

Zara or Office?

Zara boot on the left €149 & Office on the right €100

Cons or Vans?

Both Schuh, cons €55 & vans €49

Oasis or Zara?

On the left is Oasis at €110 & on the right is Zara at €125

Aran or Mango?

On the left is an Aran Sweater at €57 & on the right is Mango at €63


  1. k if I had to pick it would be; leather, zara, cons,oasis & aran. love the blog x

  2. My choice would be Glitter, Zara, Vans, Oasis and Mango. I would love the vans in a different colour to wear with the jacket from Oasis and the jumper from Mango. Love the blog Katie.!!!!