Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Safety Pins

A while back I noticed in a magazine this really cool t-shirt with a cross made out of safety pins. I Googled this and stumbled upon Pelayo Diaz and apparently he created some of his own safety pin t-shirts in the last few years and started a craze. These t-shits really fit in with the Gothic/Grunge trend we are seeing a lot of this season.

So taking inspiration from Pelayo, I decided to try create my own. I purchased a T-shirt from Penney’s for a mere €13 and a large box of safety pins…And this is the result.

As soon as I can I will put together an outfit using this t-shirt and I will post it on my blog. Here are a few more images of items of clothing decorated with safety pins. If I have time and a bit of patience, I might try and recreate one of these.

Even the celebs are going a bit safety pin crazy. Here Lady Gaga steps out in Milan in the iconic Versace safety pin dress that catapulted Liz Hurley to fame in 1994. Unfortunately for Gaga I think Liz wore it better. Anyone with me on this?

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  1. Brilliant Katie, I may have to steal that idea :)